Cave Story is a freeware PC game made in 2004 by a japanese programmer named Pixel. And if you're here, then you probably already know that, so I'll cut to the chase. ;) This page is for updates concerning the in-progress now-defunct Nintendo GBA/DS homebrew ports of the game.

Here are the last demos for each platform that I was personally involved in.

Nintendo DS
csds-npcs.nds A playable demo of several rooms, with all their NPCs intact. (No guns though.)
csds-mushrooms.nds Demo of NPC movement, with Quote playable.
csdemo.nds Map-only demo of several rooms; scroll with the D-pad, change songs with the shoulder buttons, change rooms with the touch screen.
Gameboy Advance
mapTest.gba Playable demo of Quote in several sample rooms; no NPCs or music.
organya.gba Listen to the Cave Story soundtrack on your GBA. (The DS version sounds much better!)